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“We help organizations understand what the government is doing and help the government understand your organization.”

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Once stakeholders define these, we strategize and help define your company’s relationship with the government and advocacy goals.  We connect you with the right intergovernmental advocates and agencies to meet these goals. 

Above all, we forge relationships.  All people are created equal, but- let’s face it- some are much better at their jobs than others.  We connect you with effective partners to effect strategy and build the relationships that safeguard and promote your business.

By The Numbers


Energy & Natural Resource Management lobbying spend, 2019 – 2020


Agricultural Services & products lobbying spend, 2021


Food processing lobbying spend, 2021


The number of new organizations that have hired lobbyists since March 2020

If you are not advocating for your organization, we promise that your competition is advocating for theirs.

Since March 2020, more than 3,700 new organizations have hired lobbyists to promote and protect their interests.  Do you have a strategy to protect your interests?  The Boor Group’s mutually agreed-upon strategy to raise and safeguard your organization’s reputation may involve direct mail, meetings and tours with elected officials or governmental agencies, or a campaign of community education and goodwill. 

The Number

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Town & County Boards

Community acceptance is a hallmark of a successful renewable energy project.  If you are a member of a town or county board, you may decide whether and how to allow a renewable energy project in your area.


A hastily agreed upon project may upset neighbors and encourage organized resistance.  We will advocate for your position by identifying similar projects in the region which decisively benefitted their communities.  This information will help your community negotiate from a place of strength by way of knowledge


Business Owners

The first comments we hear from prospective customers are almost invariably “I didn’t know this issue was being voted on” or “This piece of legislation could shut down x percentage of my business.”


If your organization is already an entity in Wisconsin, or if you are considering moving your organization to the Dairy State, we can monitor prospective and pending regulation, legislation, and even litigation that may affect your business.  We can summarize and relay appropriate events that may affect you.  We refer to this level of service as defining reality and being proactive.

Equipment Manufacturers

What do foreign-sourced renewable energy products and The Goonies have in common?  Neither were made in the Midwest.

Pro-Renewable Energy policy is easy to espouse; it has been for 20+ years, but equipment manufacturers have frequently been left out in the cold when Renewable Portfolio Standards and Production Tax Credits have come and gone.  The Boor Group, LLC will help your manufacturing company fight for local content guidelines that benefits local skilled labor and businesses here in the Heartland.

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Transportation & Logistics

The Upper Midwest has some of the best tradesmen and women in the world.  Whether by plane, train, barge, or truck, their wares must move across the country to end users.


The Boor Group has extensive experience coordinating logistics and working with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WiDOT) as well as Great Lakes barges to coordinate heavy, oversized shipments.  We are well versed in managing community expectations and conforming roads and other transportation solutions, particularly in rural areas. 

Aspiring Farmers

Are you tired of your family’s homestead and lifestyle being used as a political prop during election year photoshoots?  Do you feel like you have a puncher’s chance to maintain your family farm in its current state for years to come? 


Or- as neophyte to farming looking for land or a new generation buying your family’s farm, maybe you have a different vision for what farming will look like to your family.   We can advocate for your nontraditionally cropped farm with a campaign of public relations awareness and community education.

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