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Who We Are

Matthew Boor

Government Relations | Lobbyist

Matthew Boor has worked in and adjacent to renewable energy since 2005.  Boor has managed manufacturing, employee training, technical advice, community education, and construction in Wind Energy specifically.  The Wind Energy industry faces myriad challenges pertaining to permitting, regulation, public opinion, evolving technology, and transportation.  Living in the heartland, our colleagues understand this competitive industry and how it affects agriculture, decision-makers, and landowners, particularly in the Upper Midwest. 

Jim Hooper.jpg

Jim Hooper

Maine | Advocacy & Policy

Jim Hooper has worked in the Power Industry for over 30 years, beginning in Nuclear power as a submariner in the US Navy.  Jim has worked with nearly every power generation technology from fossil fuels to renewables,  including Wind and Solar and in diverse roles including Construction, Commissioning, Operations, Engineering, Risk, Finance and Project Management.

A Maine native, Jim has been active in local and state politics for more than a decade.

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